Anne Lindner



Wenig Licht am Morgen

Leise rieseln die gewellten Schneeflocken in meinen Schuh.
Sie zerfliessen mürbe im Stoff.
Der Schnee, auf den wir so lange gewartet haben.
Er ist in den Wolken stecken geblieben.
Liegt es an den Wettermachern?
Vielleicht sollten wir nach Moskau auswandern.
Du lauter Kerl, den ich nicht ausstehen kann.
Komm doch rüber, Mann, und stell dich an die Mauer.

Eine Frau kauert im Feld.
Wange an Wange, Hand in Hand.
Sie hat ihrem Kind weh getan.

All die Küsse, die für sie bestimmt sind
Sie fühlen sich wie Leere an.

Du unter deinem Hut.
Wie schön du aussiehst.

Der Alkohol macht Platz für die Liebe.

Olga sagt immer: das Leben ist schön
(Recht hat sie.)

Und du denkst an nichts, allein das Gefühl bleibt dir.
Der heutige Tag ist zu kurz für diese Gedanken.
Räder rattern über den Asphalt
Es wird Zeit, etwas zu tun
Das Feuer im Schoß

Die Tränen tropfen wie Kerzenwachs zu Boden.
Der Erdbeermund lächelt nicht mehr.
Alles in schwarz weiss. Alles?


(Text: Anne Lindner/Nathalie Pikard)
The Work Theme is about Solitude and Isolation. What happens when you are alone, feelings, perceptions, awareness. Loneliness is a big factor in our society. We might have thousands of Facebook friends, for example, but most of them are just virtual.
My work is held in black and white in verious media, because the fact that the color is deleted gives the viewer a greater impact, it makes the mind think.

The series of the Insects are to symbolize our souls. Are we lost souls? Flying about and trying to get somewhere? Is the aim of our life to get up every morning, just to go to work? Do we need to be doing all these things everyday? Day in, Day out? Tristèsse everywhere?
The reason why I keep choosing insects as a motive, is because they scare me. Dragonflies and Butterflies in particular. They are beautiful and hideous at the same time. Beautiful wings, weird looking bodies. They have these features on the outside, we humans have them on the inside.

The Photographs about the fish, are symbolizing death and destruction by the human kind. A fish cannot scream, at least that’s what we humans think, so if we kill a fish, it at least won’t scream: giving us the impression that it does not hurt.
Silent screams are made every day in one way or other: That is why I decided to show the serie: Hide and Seek in this exhibition. The manipulation of pictures is present in our day to day life, and it makes me angry. It is easy to make people ‚believe‘ things. They might not believe in god any more but they do believe things that are force fed in platformes such as FB.
Things that are optruded on to our poor souls, leaveing us powerless. Early at dawn things look as grey and shady as this world always has been always will be. Black and White will always mix into grey, what if there is nothing beyond this point? Will there always be little light in the morning, or will it leave us eventually? We will see, darling, we will see!